Wind Dance Solar Lights

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Looking to watch firefly dancing when the wind blows? The perfect lights that can handle any type of weather. They light up at night time in the summer and even in the winter. Show off the yard to friends and family.


Swing when the wind blows: our solar lights are supported by very soft and flexible wires, so when the wind blows, the lights will swing back and forth you’ll be happy to see how amazing they are super unique solar light that you can’t see anywhere else.

Solar charging and waterproof: Solar lights outdoor, IP65 waterproof material, no need to worry about rainy day damage to the bulb. Add sparkle to your home every night. The light can be fully charged 4-6 hours on a sunny day and last up to 8-15 hours at night.

Easy to use and eco-friendly: No need for cables or plugs, just grow solar lights in your garden and flip the switch to enjoy the most beautiful solar decorative lights in the world. The lights will automatically turn on at night and turn off at dawn. Very eco-friendly and energy-saving.

Package includes:

1 x set of Wind Dance Solar Lights (6 light piece set)


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43 reviews for Wind Dance Solar Lights

  1. E***r (Verified buyer)

    I highly recommend the seller. Quality product

    Wind Dance Solar Lights
  2. A***r (Verified buyer)

    Very honest seller. Beautiful quality products. I recommend it to anyone.

    Wind Dance Solar Lights
  3. Anonymous (Verified buyer)

    they are nice and bright.I was able to put them around my pool Flowerbed area as well as my outside Flowerbed area.They’re very unique and they are wacky looking but also decorative and really cool at night.The strings pretty much go wild in all directions and I really love that.The amount of light you get off of these is great as well and the battery is a great quality battery because it holds a charge for quite a long time.I would say that these are definitely a statement piece and I think they are amazing.

    Wind Dance Solar Lights
  4. Anonymous (Verified buyer)

    I’ve had them in the garden for about 1 weeks.They have been through major rain storms and yet they are still going strong.I’ll come back and let you know how they do after our harsh summers.They keep their brightness well into the night.I woke up at 5am and they were still going strong!I am getting more!These solar garden lights are so pretty.You do have to gently spread out the lights so that they’re not all in a clump.That was very easy though.I wish they would sway a little more in the wind but maybe it hasn’t been windy enough.All in all they rally look good

    Wind Dance Solar Lights
  5. Anonymous (Verified buyer)

    I love these sets of lights!They’re super easy to install.Just attached them to the stakes and spread the string of lights apart.You get a choice of a study,light.Great part about it is that there are no batteries required,just sunlight!These will newly installed that same day so some are not as bright as others because I put them out later in the day.

    Wind Dance Solar Lights

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