Turbo Bath

(79 customer reviews)


  • Guaranteed 200% pressure increase
  • Pure, clean filtered water
  • Luxurious spa-like experience
  • Eco-friendly (30% less waste)

Ditch that outdated low-pressure shower.

Max Pressure

Tired of the weak water flow from your shower We understand the frustration-it leaves you feeling neither refreshed nor properly cleansed, and it takes twice as long.

Turbo Bath utilizes Nano Laser-cut holes and Turbofan technology to boost water velocity, irrespective of your home’s water pressure.

Experience an impressive 200% increase in pressure compared to standard shower heads.

Clean Filtered Water

I bet you’ve wondered why your skin and hair feel dry after you shower. Well, it’s because you are showering in chemical infested water, pesticides basically.

Turbo Bath filters all the chlorine and other damaging chemicals added to the water supply, using a simple yet effective PP cotton filter that can be changed quickly by yourself.

After you shower for the first time in Pure-Filtered water you won’t ever go back.

“This shower really helps filter your water. I thought the water in my area was ok but omg was I on to a surprise.

Now my wife and I have less acne, and my kids eczema doesn’t flare up after a bath anymore.”

David F. – Verified Buyer


  • No-Risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.
  • We have a 24/7/365 email support.
  • 100% premium Quality Inspection on every order.
  • No surprises or hidden fees.
  • End to End Tracking for every order.

79 reviews for Turbo Bath

  1. V***t (Verified buyer)

    Great relaxing and comfortable shower head with water fall experience.

    Turbo Bath
  2. M***s (Verified buyer)

    I love this shower head. The included filter performs better than expected. I always suspected that water in our place in Ghana was dirty because I get weird breakouts when I am here. So I bough this shower head just to filter it a bit. The pic above is just after 3 uses. I feel cleaner and I actually enjoy my showers again.

    Turbo Bath
  3. N***n (Verified buyer)

    Great water pressure I just expected the filters to be larger I guess

    Turbo Bath
  4. A***o (Verified buyer)

    I am so in love with this shower head and I have told all my friends and family to get one. Even put it out on fb. The pic attached is only one week of use.

    Turbo Bath
  5. C***i (Verified buyer)

    This pic is after two weeks of use and the filter is brown. Makes me question how clean I am. Other than that the pressure is great.

    Turbo Bath