TrailBlaze Full Vision Head Lamp

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“Being a farmer and UPS manager, I spend a lot of time outside after dark. I have tried many headlamps. This is by far the best. I can see the ground when walking. I can easily work in the dark barn. I know the charge is suppose to last a couple of hours. I charge it every few days, so far it hasn’t let me down.”

– Ben H. Verified Buyer

Exploring the great outdoors can be an invigorating experience, but the challenge of navigating unfamiliar terrain in low light conditions can quickly turn dangerous. However, adventurers can struggle to see their surroundings and potentially put themselves in danger with traditional headlamps that have a narrow and low light beam angle. The fear of accidents due to poor visibility can cause anxiety, making it essential to have reliable and effective lighting solutions on the go.

Introducing the TrailBlaze LED headlamp, a reliable and powerful wide-angle lighting solution designed to enhance the outdoor experiences. The TrailBlaze headlamp’s intelligent sensing technology and bright 230 wide beam provide a reliable and convenient hands-free solution. Enjoy the added safety and confidence provided by the TrailBlaze powerful headlamp, which illuminates a wide area with exceptionally bright and easy-to-use lighting.


  • INTELLIGENT SENSING: The TrailBlaze headlamp’s intelligent motion sensor allows for control of the light by simply waving a hand. It makes the headlamp more convenient to use, especially during activities where the hands are occupied.
  • BRIGHT 230 WIDE BEAM: Unlike traditional headlamps, the TrailBlaze LED headlamp provides an excellent 230 wide-angle illumination. It allows to see more of surroundings, increasing safety and visibility during outdoor activities or hands-free work.

  • 5 LIGHT MODES: TrailBlaze headlamp has 5 lighting modes, including high and low modes for both COB and XPE lights, and strobe mode. This allows users to conserve battery life when a lower light mode is sufficient or to increase visibility when needed.
  • USB RECHARGEABLE: With a built-in 1200mAh rechargeable battery, it only takes 2 hours to charge fully and can last for 2-4.5 hours in different light modes. It saves the cost of replacing batteries and is environmentally friendly.

  • ADJUSTABLE BUCKLE: TrailBlaze headlamp strap can be adjusted to fit both adults and children and can also be used with safety helmets. The adjustable buckle provides a secure and comfortable fit for extended wear.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFORTABLE: Made of ABS and silicone, TrailBlaze headlamp is lightweight at only 3.4 ounces (70 grams). The small size design allows for easy storage in a pocket and makes it comfortable to wear for extended period of time.

We understand that navigating through unfamiliar trails or camping sites in the dark can be stressful and unsafe without the proper lighting. It can be unsettling to find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation, such as hiking on an unfamiliar trail or camping in the woods, without adequate lighting. According to the American Hiking Society, improper lighting is one of the top safety concerns that can lead to accidents, falls, and getting lost on the trail.

The TrailBlaze headlamp is the perfect solution for adventurers looking for a reliable and convenient lighting source for their outdoor activities. With its intelligent sensing technology and bright 230 wide beam, it provides a hands-free control that is especially beneficial for bike riders and hikers. Enjoy the freedom and confidence of exploring the great outdoors with TrailBlaze powerful LED headlamp, which offers reliable and powerful lighting for all upcoming adventures.

To operate the TrailBlaze headlamp, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Power Switch to turn on the headlamp into the COB 100% mode.
  2. Press the Power Switch a second time to switch to COB 40% mode.
  3. Press the Power Switch a third time to switch to XPE 100% mode.
  4. Press the Power Switch a fourth time to switch to XPE 40% mode.
  5. Press the Power Switch a fifth time to turn off the headlamp directly.
  6. In any mode, press the power button to turn off the light directly after 50 seconds.
  7. Long press the switch button for 3-5 seconds to enter strobe mode.
  8. To enter sensor mode, press the sensor switch. You can control the headlamp by waving your hand in the sensor area located around the Sensor Switch.


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40 reviews for TrailBlaze Full Vision Head Lamp

  1. B***z (Verified buyer)

    The only thing that works very well is that the battery quickly goes a little fast to my taste.

  2. Anonymous (Verified buyer)

    Fast shipping, recommend seller

    TrailBlaze Full Vision Head Lamp
  3. N***v (Verified buyer)

    All as described. Delivery on time. I recommend it. The quality is good.

    TrailBlaze Full Vision Head Lamp
  4. S***r (Verified buyer)

    Good product and arrived in a short time thank you

    TrailBlaze Full Vision Head Lamp
  5. G***o (Verified buyer)

    I bought these flashlights twice and each time one of the flashlights was defective, which is why it is not clear that they simply do not charge.

    TrailBlaze Full Vision Head Lamp