The Original ChillJet

(56 customer reviews)


Introducing The ChillJet

The ultimate portable cooling fan designed to provide instant relief from the scorching heat while keeping you refreshed and comfortable wherever you go. With its innovative features, including cool mist, LED lights, and a convenient charging port, ChillJet is your go-to companion for beating the heat this summer.

Equipped with a powerful fan

ChillJet produces a steady stream of cool air, providing instant relief from hot and humid conditions. Whether you’re lounging on the beach, hiking in the mountains, or simply relaxing at home, this compact and lightweight cooling fan delivers a refreshing breeze to keep you cool and comfortable.

ChillJet takes cooling to the next level

With its cool mist feature. By gently spraying a fine mist of water into the air, it adds an extra layer of cooling effect to the breeze, instantly lowering the ambient temperature. This unique feature makes ChillJet perfect for those scorching summer days when you need an extra boost to stay cool and refreshed.

Equipped with vibrant LED lights

That create a mesmerizing ambiance. Whether you’re using it during outdoor gatherings, camping trips, or even as a night light, the colorful LED lights add a touch of style and create a soothing atmosphere.

Beat the heat and experience ultimate comfort

With ChillJet, the portable cooling fan that combines a powerful fan, refreshing cool mist, vibrant LED lights, and a convenient charging port. Stay cool, stay refreshed, and enjoy the summer like never before!


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56 reviews for The Original ChillJet

  1. R***s (Verified buyer)

    Very happy with the product, for the price you can not expect the nothing better. You can’t expect it to cool you a whole room, but it really gives you a lot of relief if you put it close.

    The Original ChillJet
  2. P***d (Verified buyer)

    Perfect, at the office table gives you life. Fully recommended

    The Original ChillJet
  3. F***f (Verified buyer)

    Quite well for the price it has… We add ice in the water to make it refrigerate better and fresh air is noticeable

    The Original ChillJet
  4. N***i (Verified buyer)

    Easy to use, well packed and if it works I love it!! 

    The Original ChillJet
  5. A***s (Verified buyer)

    It works quite well and the fan is not as noisy as others of the same characteristics.

    The Original ChillJet