Silicone Makeup Applicator Set of 3- Blends Makeup Easily Without Soaking Up the Product


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Revamp your beauty routine with this silicone applicator. It feels soft and bouncy on the skin and has a long life, so one goes a long way.The flat part can be used in a stippling motion to create an airbrushed look. The pointed end precisely applies the product in hard to reach areas around the nose, the inner corner of the eyes and under the brows.

Since it is non-porous, this applicator does not soak up any product. Hence it does not waste all your precious products and gives you maximum coverage every time. It does not allow makeup to remain trapped within, eliminating the risk of infections caused by germs or bacteria.

It is much easier to clean as compared to other makeup blenders and brushed. Wash it with some soap and lukewarm water. It only takes about a minute to clean it and is ready to use instantly after patting it dry using a paper towel.

This silicone makeup applicator makes for the perfect gift for any makeup lover.


  • Set of 3 silicone makeup applicators that blend makeup evenly
  • Does not absorb makeup and applies well even with minimal product, hence no wastage
  • Dual-sided silicone sponge that applies the product for a flawless look and provides maximum coverage
  • Its unique shape uses the product even in the hard to reach areas of your face
  • Ideal for a mess and hassle-free makeup application with cream and liquid products
  • Makeup doesn’t remain trapped in the applicator, hence no risk of infections
  • Easy to clean as compared to other blenders


  • Material: Silicone



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