Portable UVNailz Lamp


The enhanced LED beads of this lamp bring a revolutionary change to your nail design experience. With 6 times the magnification, it can cure color gels in just 8 seconds, sealant layers in 12 seconds, and extension nail plates in only 60 seconds.

This upgraded nail lamp incorporates advanced technology, ensuring unparalleled speed and efficiency. Bid farewell to long waiting times and embrace lightning-fast results!

Equipped with powerful UV/LED lights, this nail lamp is compatible with all types of gel polishes, including our fantastic Semi-cured Gel Nail Stickers. Within a mere 20 seconds, your nails will be fully cured and ready, saving you valuable time and energy.

Not only does it offer impressive curing time, but it also boasts a compact, lightweight design that is incredibly user-friendly. It caters perfectly to both professional nail technicians and DIY enthusiasts alike.

What truly sets this nail lamp apart is its wireless functionality. With just 45 minutes of charging, it provides long-lasting battery life. Its small, pen-like design ensures a comfortable and convenient user experience, enhancing its overall appeal.


Semi-cured gel nail stickers are made with high-quality gel ingredients that can last up to 2 weeks to a month on your nails without wearing off or peeling.


Semi-cured gel nail stickers fit comfortably on your nails and don’t feel heavy or suffocating like traditional nail polish.


Semi-cured gel nail stickers are incredibly easy to use. Simply choose your favorite design, follow the instructions to apply the stickers to your nails, and they’re ready to go – no additional decoration or adjustments needed.


Using semi-cured gel nail stickers can save you the expensive cost of going to a nail salon, as well as the time spent frequently visiting one. You can also enjoy salon-quality nails with our stickers.


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