Natural Fibers Mascara with 3D Fiber Lashes Transplanting Gel – Lengthens Your Lashes by 300%!


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Get up to 3x longer lashes and redefine your entire look with the 3D fiber lashes. These are water-resistant but can be removed off pretty quickly. This is possibly the most revolutionizing product available in the cosmetics industry. You get the perfect combo of transplanting gel and natural fibers which will instantly lengthen your lashes by 300%. You also get a natural look which highlights the beautiful curves of your lashes.

It has green tea natural fiber, which is 100% natural and looks just like your natural lashes. You will have to apply a thin coat of any mascara you prefer and let it dry. Then, you need to apply transplanting gel and immediately when the gel is still wet, use the natural fibers. Then you need to reapply the transplanting gel to secure the natural fibers onto your lashes. These steps will give you an optimal look. You can repeat the steps as many times as you like to achieve the desired look.

Also, it is organic with no as such side effects. This 3D transplanting gel and natural fiber give you unbelievable makeup effects with magic gel properties.


  • Here is the perfect combination of transplanting gel and natural fiber which will lengthen your lashes by 300%
  • It will give you such a look which will highlight the beautiful natural curves of your lashes
  • The formula of the 3D transplanting gel consists of a magical gel property which will give you perfect make-up for the entire day
  • The green tea natural fiber is 100% natural and looks exactly likes your natural eyelashes
  • Besides, the green tea natural fiber is organic with zero stimulating side effects




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