Advanced Mosquito Exterminator

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Using State of the art technology, designers have figured out a way to tap directly into the mosquito’s natural instinct and instantly trap them in this rigorously tested and science-backed Mosquito Trap.

?Mosquito Killer Trap Features:

MIMICS HUMANS & ANIMALS – Designed with 365nm Light that attracts mosquitos. Irresistible to mosquitos, flies, moths, and more!
SILENT DEEP-FREQUENCY – Built with a silent 35dB frequency that further attracts mosquitos while being completely silent to humans and pets.
SILENT VACUUM – Once the mosquitos get within range of the trap, a strong vacuum fan will suck the mosquitos into an Anti-Escape Trap.
ANTI-ESCAPE DRYING CHAMBER – Situated at the bottom of the vacuum fan gives mosquitos and other bugs nowhere to escape. The motion of the vacuum quickly drys and kills any bugs lured in.
100% NON-TOXIC& SAFE-Our Mosquito Trap is 100% Non-Toxic. Using scientific, peer-reviewed documents on the instinctual nature of the Mosquito. Without any harmful sprays or radiation.
Waterproof– Clean at any time
Suitable for baby room, adult bedroom, living room, yard, farm, ranch
Works best at night, in dimly lit places (daytime will be almost inactive)
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20 reviews for Advanced Mosquito Exterminator

  1. Whitney (Verified buyer)

    I will use it in my log-term war with the mosquitos. I hope, this time I will be the winner!

  2. Jessi Lockington (Verified buyer)

    Wow this zapper works so well on those pesky mosquitos. It was so busy at one point I thought something was wrong with the zapper. But it was taking care of all of the mosquitos after a heavy rain. So thankful. Now I can just relax so comfortably in my backyard and not have to slap my arms repeated at mosquitos. Yep this is the one!

  3. Theresa (Verified buyer)

    great product. great for outdoors. very quiet, can be used in bedroom also

  4. Rose (Verified buyer)

    Seems to work only in the dark. It does its job, but it came without a charger head, so I had to use a phone charger. Good for the price, fast delivery, overall a reasonable good buy. It would have been better with a charger included.

  5. Megan Terese (Verified buyer)

    I have had this zapper for almost a month now so I have given the unit enough time to see if it works initially and if it continues to work at the same level. From the moment we plugged it in, it was zapping away. Many mosquitoes trapped. We live in New Orleans and love to sit on our balcony in the evening to bird and sky watch. Too often, the onslaught of mosquitoes and their bites have driven us back inside. Not anymore. I will still get an occasional bite, so we are experimenting with placement of the unit. I am pretty sure we will get it right and eliminate all bites. It appears that hanging the zapper about 10 feet away and a little lower than head height when you are sitting in a chair is going to work best. We really love this product and will be taking it with us when we go on our beach vacation so we aren’t hounded by bugs while sitting outside on the veranda.