Maxpush Board


  • At Home All In One Chest Workout
  • Convenient And Quick Workouts
  • Complete Upper Body Workout

Achieve A Complete At Home Workout In Minutes

The Max Push Is Specifically Designed To Allow You To Hit All Areas Of Your Upper Body In A Short Time Frame. Simply Switch Around The Positioning Of The Handles And hit All Areas.

Avoid The Hassle Of An At Home Gym

Achieve your fitness goals at home with the MaxPush Pushup Board – the perfect alternative to dealing with the hassles of a traditional gym. Tone and build your upper body muscles conveniently, minus the gym membership fuss.

Keep Your Pushup Form Perfect

The Max Push Board allows you to hold perfect form and comfortably perform different push-up positions that can sculpt, define, and maximize your entire upper body.


Changing the hand placement when doing push-ups can target different muscles and increase the difficulty of the exercise. MAXPUSH will enable you to exploit the power of this technique easier than ever!

Portable Workout Space

You can build supreme quality indoor and outdoor workout parks for public or private spaces. It features a foldable and portable design that that allows you to conveniently carry the push-up board everywhere. You can simply assemble, and store it in the backpack

Convenient And Quick Workouts

Save Time With Your Workouts With The Aid Of Maxpush. The All In One Complete Piece Of Equipment for all your upper body needs.


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