2023 self drying cleaning 360 Swivel Mop

(40 customer reviews)

Welcome to the future of cleaning

Meet our ground-breaking Klayee Original 360 Swivel Mop that returns the control of cleaning to your hands. It is a versatile cleaning tool that can be used for multiple tasks such as mopping, dusting, and sweeping all in one device.

  • 360 movable head
  • can clean walls & ceilings easily without the use of ladders

Make cleaning easier!

Our 360 Swivel mop eliminates the need for messy buckets and reduces strain on your back by eliminating the need to bend over.

It also cuts down on drying time and ensures your floors look clean with it’s highly absorbent microfiber cloth.

  • can also be used to clean mirrors & windows

State of the art engineering

Our Original 360 mop is designed to reach every corner and crevice in your home. The hands-free wring-out function ensures that no dirt is left uncleaned.

It’s a game changer in the cleaning industry, and it will make your cleaning experience satisfying every time. Don’t struggle with difficult to use mops anymore and get yours today.


  • No-Risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.
  • We have a 24/7/365 email support.
  • 100% premium Quality Inspection on every order.
  • No surprises or hidden fees.
  • End to End Tracking for every order.

40 reviews for 2023 self drying cleaning 360 Swivel Mop

  1. M***o (Verified buyer)

    I’m glad I bought this instead of the other “sturdy” versions that cost over $100! I’m so happy! When I opened the package, oh my gosh, it has a total of 6 interchangeable cloths that I can use to clean different places, like my car, I have a hard time cleaning the top of his every time I wash it, and I believe this mop is long enough. He can also clean windows, moldy walls, dust on the ceiling, including some hard-to-clean corners are easy to clean. What’s more, it can dehydrate automatically, just keep the mop and mop bar at 90 degrees, and a gentle pull will finish dehydrating, avoiding us to come into contact with some bacteria fungus, I recommend it.

    2023 self drying cleaning 360 Swivel Mop
  2. N***n (Verified buyer)

    Has a swivel head for easier cleaning in tight spaces. It has six reusable mop heads that are easy to install on the mop head. Has a long three-jointed long handle. I used it with Bona Hard Wood Cleaner, and it worked well. It also works with water or dry for all floor types and ceilings. It has automated water squeezing, as illustrated on the website. A squeegee on the back can work on the floor and glass.

    2023 self drying cleaning 360 Swivel Mop
  3. Anonymous (Verified buyer)

    I have lived in my house for over 30 years and have tried every type of mop imaginable. Let me start by saying that the best mop is a high-quality string mop used with one of those buckets with a wringer attachment. I have one, but I rarely use it. Why? Because it is big and bulky and I have to keep it in the basement. Because of this, I have tried countless other mop solutions looking for one that is easy to use, store, and does an OK job (I’m a guy, and my standards are guy clean). Most substitutes are pretty crappy, and most recently, I have settled on using a Swifter with a wet pad. Is the Swifter good? No, but it is easy. However, I have to use several wet pads just for my kitchen and family room, which is expensive. Also, the Swifter’s rod is flimsy and bends with my “manly” pushes. When I had the opportunity to try this mop, I did so, but I wasn’t expecting much. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The handle is very sturdy and solid. The pads are reusable and also very sturdy. I can wash them in my washing machine. The triangular shape is surprisingly good at getting into nooks and crannies. The whole head can fit inside a standard plastic bucket, and a single dip cleaned a surprisingly large area. You can wring the water, and it does an OK job, but the pad is still pretty wet,. However, I didn’t have a lot of drippage. The overall head assembly is low so I could get under end tables. I have a large kitchen and an attached family room, and it was easy and fast to give it a quick mop. Much faster than the Swifter as the head was larger and it stayed wetter longer. I like it.

    2023 self drying cleaning 360 Swivel Mop
  4. M***n (Verified buyer)

    Entered today looks good not tried yet

    2023 self drying cleaning 360 Swivel Mop
  5. G***g (Verified buyer)

    Exactly as described and pictured! The pole is in different pieces so you could leave one out for adjustment if needed! It comes with 6 pads and they wash up great when needed, I hung them to dry so they would not shrink or change shape! Works amazing, picks up dust and pet hair like a magnet!! Fits great in the corners of the rooms, very satisfied! Extremely durable and stands up to hours of cleaning