Deluxe Eyeshadow Set with 148 Shades- Long Lasting Shades toGive You The Perfect Eye Makeup Finish!


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If you are a make-up artist, then you surely relate to carrying different palettes for different shades of eye shadows. You never know what look one might want and that requires carrying a bunch of different eye shadow shades along with you. The deluxe eye shadow box set is here to rescue you and lessen your burden. It has a massive collection of 148 different shades! These shades are all very vibrant and colorful. All these shades have been made of high-quality materials. These won’t harm or irritate your skin. The ingredients of the shades are nourishing which would take care of the eye skin around. They have a silky and shiny texture which would set your eyes apart. The range of colors includes all possible shades of nudes, all the colors in between light and dark, also the rare to find shades and the darkest hues as well. The palette includes matte as well as shimmer eye shadows, all set to match your moods and your different looks. 

The shades don’t contain dyes, so they won’t form that annoying eye shadow mark. You get a glossy finish and the eye shadows feel very light and soft. You easily get a clear and brilliant eye makeup finish. This box set is perfect for casual, party, wedding makeup, etc. and is fit for both salon and home use. Besides, these are very convenient to use and provides high portability in the form of a palette box.


  • 148 different vibrant colors to choose from
  • Long-lasting shades that are made from high-quality ingredients
  • Have a silky and shiny texture to get you all glammed up
  • Perfect for amateur or professional makeup artists
  • Layers of palettes containing a total of 148 shades, stack up perfectly to form a highly portable box


  • Size: 13x10cm


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