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Is your kid not developing the right skills at an early age? You might be teaching them, but they find the learning process boring.

This Dino Track can fix that! It brings kids an imaginative play that helps them to not only learn about dinosaurs and prehistoric world, but also foster creative thinking.

When played, they can use their imagination to create a unique miniature of dinosaur world on their own.

Let them construct the race track, surround it with dinosaurs, run the car automatically, and escape the roaring creatures!


Your child’s everyday activities require the need for motor skills, if you want to refine this, playing the Dino Track is the perfect solution for kids to develop it.

With 153 pieces per set available, they can have unlimited freedom to build the track, and they can freely move the dinosaurs from one place to another.

As they hold and grasp objects continuously, they can have the ability to perform tasks by hand without being dependent on you anymore.


Children can play this toy on how they like best – whether they want to play together with a partner or as a group.

Whichever they prefer, it can promote social skills at a young age because kids can interact while they explore different scenarios that let them feel they’re going on a constant adventure!

Plus, this sparks their curiosity about these extinct creatures where it provides open-ended learning to encourage discussion and active observation.

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Bring home a Dino Track gift and bring your little one’s imagination alive through building this easy to assemble dinosaur-themed race track.

Enjoy doing a pretend play with your kid as if you are both on a safari park and are chased by dinosaurs!

This is a great way for you and your kid to spend quality time together on hours of adventure.


Material: ABS Plastic
Quantity: 153pcs/Set
Track Length: 19.5cm (Approx.)
Car Size: 8.5cm x 5cm x 5cm (Approx.)
Best for ages: 3 years old and above


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19 reviews for ComfyKid – Dino Track Set

  1. Ismael (Verified buyer)

    We got this for our son’s birthday. He has recently become very focused on dinosaurs. We wanted something that would encourage him to involve his sister in playing and this did the trick. Both kids love the set and have been playing with it every chance they get. They’ve even started mixing this set with their cars and other toys. It is a great set for the price.

  2. Adonis (Verified buyer)

    first saw this when I visited my cousin’s home. My infant son loved watching it in action while my 3 yr old nephew was playing with this set. I instantly ordered it and assembled it as soon as it arrived. He get’s very exited looking at the moving trucks. Assembly was quick and no complains so far.

  3. Nadia (Verified buyer)

    This is a great little race track that any kid would enjoy. The track stays together and doesn’t pop apart like other toy tracks do. The dino cars travel around it with ease, and do not get hung up at all, or jump the track. Very cute, grandson loved it.

  4. Kelsey (Verified buyer)

    My little nephew is a huge dinosaur fan and we got him this for Christmas. It’s so much fun! Still a lot of fun.

  5. Luciana (Verified buyer)

    Our almost 3 year old is obsessed with dinosaurs and also with any and all vehicles, so this was a must have for him! He loves it SO much, it’s probably one of his favorite toys right now. The road was much easier to put together than I expected and I love the fun nature colors that go well with the dinosaur theme. Definitely recommend!