1200 Degree Rotation Universal Car Dashboard Phone Holder

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This phone holder features a strong, anti-slip clip to securely attach your device to the dashboard, sun visor, or even front mirror. 

Simply slide¬†to move to the ideal position, and¬†adjust your viewing angle¬†without limitation – the ball joint offers¬†360¬į rotation¬†and the tilting axis offers¬†180¬į angle tilting.

Let’s enjoy a boundless horizon while driving on the road.

Safe Driving

✅ Adopts HUD (Head-up Display) simulating design which firmly holds your device within driving viewpoint to prevent refocusing

✅ Keeping your eyes on the road for safe driving during phone/video calling, GPS navigating, music playing, or phone charging.

Clip it Anywhere

✅ Not only for the dashboard, but you can also clip it on the sun visor or even the front mirror.

360¬į Adjustable

✅ Ball-joint design allows all-direction rotation for both landscape & portrait orientation.

‚úÖ¬†Also, the foldable axis offers¬†180¬į tilting¬†for optimal viewing angle.¬†Enjoy a¬†boundless horizon¬†while driving on the road.

Secure Clipping

✅ Made of anti-slip silicone pad & clip with 4 rounded clamps to tightly hold the device with the shockproof feature, providing a stable viewing.

✅ Also no more sliding or falling off even taking a sharp turn, sudden stop, or acceleration.

Easy to Clip / Remove

✅ Features a strong clip that securely attaches to the dashboard / any flat surface.

✅ Simply slide to move to the ideal position, or even remove it without leaving residue/ mark.


✅ Engineered with stainless steel springs to increase the flexibility of the clip. Not easy to break even greatly bending.

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✅ A soft pad perfectly protects your phone and dashboard from damaging and scratching.


✅ Designed with an adjustable clamp to snugly hold your device.

✅ Highly compatible with all smartphones up to 7 inches even with a thick case.

✅ Fits all dashboard up to 3 inches.


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