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Break Free! This Quit-Smoking Method Is So Simple That It Can’t Fail.

Turns lifelong smokers to non-smokers in days.

Nicotine Patches, Gums, And Other Hacks Didn’t Work? We Know Why.

At first, your nicotine intake may be lower. But as soon as some stressful (cigarette-worthy) event

happens – you find yourself puffing again.

The rollercoaster of hope and disappointment leave you feeling defeated, posing the question if you’ll ever truly find a way out.

The Cycle Is Breakable Though.

You see, all these hacks are made to suppress your need for nicotine but they never focus on taking care of your stress & anxiety problems. And there’s a 100% natural way to do just that.

The New “Way Out”.

(Japanese monks have been using this method to find calmness for ages.)

CalmHarmony is a simple yet powerful whistle that uses your own breath to create soothing melodies. These tunes not only promote a feeling of relaxation and stress relief, they also serve as a practical replacement for smoking. Whenever you experience a stressful trigger, whether it’s anxiety, distraction, or just needing a break, CalmHarmony is there for you to reach for instead of a cigarette. This whistle allows you to maintain the familiar ‘hand-to-mouth’ action, while swapping out the harmful smoking habit for a peaceful and healthier substitute.

How It Works

Developing A New Habit

If you’re a smoker, you probably will relate: sometimes when you get stuck at work, face some overwhelming emotions, or simply want to relax – you immediately think of lighting one up outside.

That’s called a “conditioned response” – a quick reaction to a specific trigger that your brain learned is helpful.

Now if you started using a whistle each time instead, your brains would rewire and you would slowly start to disassociate smoking from the situations mentioned above.

Breathing Wonders

Using the whistle forces you breathe consciously. Rhythmic deep breathing and mindfulness practices have been shown to help promote relaxation, handle stress & reduce anxiety. Additionally, the whistle’s soothing melodies create a peaceful ambiance.

Hands Are Busy

The “hand-to-mouth action” becomes ingrained through repetition and association with specific situations or emotions.

It’s a physical habit that needs to be replaced with another motion, and our whistle is one of the options.


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