Brush Rinser


Enough with the Difficult & Traditional way of cleaning your Paint Brushes!

The Brush Rinser provides clean fresh water conveniently when brush-painting without the clutter and inconvenience of multiple rinse containers, accidental spills, or trips to the sink whilst also providing fresh water for better brush cleaning.

Efficient Cleansing

Our brush cleaner machine is designed to efficiently and effectively clean your brushes, making it easier for you to complete your daily cleansing tasks. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your brushes are back to their clean, useful state with this brush cleaner.

Allows you to clean brushes without damaging the bristles

Use it with acrylic paints, metallic acrylic paints, water-colours, tempera, and gouache.

If water leaks from the fluted well. Simply Tighten the screw in the reservoir. You can also remove the screw to remove the plug and clean it to keep a better seal in the event of build-up.

The brush cleaner includes a 250 ml bottle that allows you to flush 30 times.


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