Blisce Phero Perfume

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Enhance Your Natural Attraction

Unleash your natural allure and enhance your attraction with our women’s Phero perfume. Our signature scent options are specially designed to boost your confidence and captivate those around you.



Pheromone perfumes contain synthesized versions of natural chemicals that enhance attraction and arousal. They work by interacting with the receptors in the nose and brain, triggering a physiological response.


Our premium quality essential oils infused with natural pheromones are gentle and safe for all skin types.


Countless customers have reported receiving more attention from guys after just two days of using our Phero Perfume.


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43 reviews for Blisce Phero Perfume

  1. T***s (Verified buyer)

    My friends and I love the smell it gives off, and it truly does change smell from person to person.As a waitress, it has gotten me a little more attention, and a significant increase in tips.

    Blisce Phero Perfume
  2. 3***r (Verified buyer)

    This smells amazing! LOVE IT AND SO DOES MY HUSBAND!

    Blisce Phero Perfume
  3. A***n (Verified buyer)

    The scent of this product is fabulous. You roll it on and it is like magic a soft intriguing scent just fills your senses. I never thought this product would be so special. What a great purchase.

    Blisce Phero Perfume
  4. F***a (Verified buyer)

    Reacts with your body, so it’s smell is unique only to you. I have had men sniff me and ask what perfume I wear. I only wear this!!

    Blisce Phero Perfume
  5. C***a (Verified buyer)

    It changes to each person and it makes your own smell accentuated. And its small and easy to carry around.