AquaBloom: Transforming Garden with Watering

Experience effortless watering without harming your delicate flowers and plants!

Simply connect our specialized nozzle to your hose and rotate the sprinkler to adjust the water output to your desired level.

Revolutionize your farming techniques with our highly efficient agriculture atomizer nozzle. Our nozzle is the perfect choice for farmers looking to reduce water usage while ensuring their crops receive optimal moisture levels. With its adjustable settings, our nozzle is easy to use and can meet a wide range of crop spraying needs.


Large Flow Atomization: Our system ensures convenient and safe watering that won’t harm your beloved flowers or crops. Perfect for landscaping, agricultural drought resistance, watering flowers, and grassing, you can trust our products to provide optimal results every time.

Rotary Sprinkler: Rotary sprinkler is equipped with adjustable water output modes, allowing for even water distribution, precise angle adjustment, and control over water density, size, and range.

Large-area watering: Simply connect the water connector to your water pipe and start watering with ease. Our system is perfect for large-area watering, especially for medium to large storage yards. The higher the water pressure, the better the atomization, ensuring your plants get the hydration they need to flourish.

High-quality Material: Experience the benefits of our high-quality ABS plastic rotating lawn spray head with its 3-6 headwater spray system.


Material: ABS Plastic


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